Amazon Drive – Stopping unlimited cloud storage plan offer

Amazon Drive – Stopping unlimited cloud storage plan offer

Amazon released recently they are going to stop the unlimited Cloud storage plan offer.

New Customers


– Free 5GB for siging up for storage with Amazon drive
– Pricing for storage is as below

Storage     Price   
100GB        $11.99 per year
1TB        $59.99 per year

For every additional 1TB storage the cost is same $59.99 upto 30TB.

Existing Customers

– Existing customers can still leverage the unlimited storage plan offer until their expiration date for existing subscription.
– At the end of their existing subscription, customers with auto-renew turned on and 1 TB or less of data stored will be renewed into the 1 TB plan for $59.99 per year.
– Those with auto-renew turned off, or who have more than 1TB stored, will have to visit the Manage Storage page to opt in to one of the new limited storage plans.

Amazon is providing 180 days time limit for all of the existing users to bring down their usage quota to within the free quora or else sign up for a paid storage plan.
After 180 dauys, amazon is going to delete the data automatically to get the usage back to within the free storage limit offered with the recents upload being deleted first.

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