How to use websphere application server wsadmin scripting tool

How to use websphere application server wsadmin scripting tool


Test Environment

Fedora 32

What is wsadmin

Its a scripting solution provided by Websphere application server to administer the websphere environment.
wsadmin tasks could be divided into two types i.e Operational tasks and Configurational task.
Operational tasks deal with Live objects in the Websphere environment (MBeans).
Configurational tasks deal with configuration of the Websphere environment (XML files).

In this article we will look at some basic examples dealing with AdminControl object that we can use for the Operational tasks

Here are the general steps to manage a MBean

  • Find the MBean Object name
  • Invoke the Operation on the Running MBean Object
  • Get or Set attributes for that running object


Step1: Checking the state of dmgr

Connect to the wsadmin tool from the command line and execute the below commands

# Assign the dmgr variable with the dmgr MBean object
wsadmin>dmgr = AdminControl.completeObjectName('name=dmgr,type=Server,*')
# Check the value of the dmgr to confirm
wsadmin>print dmgr WebSphere:name=dmgr,process=dmgr,platform=proxy,node=XXXXXCellManager01,j 2eeType=J2EEServer,version=,type=Server,mbeanIdentifier=cells/XXXXXCell01/nodes/XXXXXCellManager01/servers/dmgr/server.xml#Server_1, cell=XXXXXCell01,spec=1.0,processType=DeploymentManager
# Get the state of the dmgr Bean
wsadmin>print AdminControl.getAttribute(dmgr, 'state') STARTED

Step2: Checking the Node Sync state

Verify the nodesync status using the wsadmin

# Assign the nodesync variable with the NodeSync type MBean object
wsadmin>nodesync = AdminControl.completeObjectName('type=NodeSync,*')
# Check the value of the nodesync
wsadmin>print nodesync 'WebSphere:name=nodeSync,process=nodeagent,platform=common,node=XXXXXNode 02,diagnosticProvider=true,version=,type=NodeSync,mbeanIdentifier=nodeSyn c,cell=XXXXXCell01,spec=1.0'
# Get the synchronization status
wsadmin>AdminControl.invoke(nodesync, 'isNodeSynchronized') 'true'

Note – completeObjectName only returns the first object name matching the pattern specified.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thank you.