How to monitor IBM WebSphere Application Server using VisualVM

How to monitor IBM WebSphere Application Server using VisualVM

Purpose – Monitoring IBM WebSphere Application Server using VisualVM

IBM WebSphere JVM
Oracle JDK6 update 7 or Later


Step1: Start IBM JVM

Step2: Open the WebSphere admin console and go to below locations

Server -> Server Types -> WebSphere application servers ->[SERVER_NAME]
Expand Java and Process Management and click Process definition
Click Java Virtual Machine

In the Generic JVM arguments field enter the following properties:
Alternatively you can set the properties in the file located in the installation directory of the
WebSphere application serverAppServerjavajrelibmagagement.

Step3: Restart the JVM

Step4: Monitor the Websphere process using Visual VM

Go to the Oracle JDK installation directory.
Change to the bin directory and execute jvisualvm.exe.

In VisualVM start a new connection by selecting File – Add JMX Connection.
Enter localhost:1099 in the input field and click OK. VisualVM will connect to WebSphere. In the navigation tree on the left a new node should appear.
Double-click this node to start profiling.

Note – With VisualVM you can to do the following

Monitor heap usage
Monitor CPU usage
Monitor Threads
Initiate garbage collections
Profile CPU and memory
And more…

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